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Effectiveness of Blended Learning in Pharmacy Education: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Authors : Balakrishnan A., Thunga G, Dr. Sandra T. Puthean, Satheesh G, Unnikrishnan M. K., Rashid Nair M. S

Publisher : PLoSOne

Principles of Neurochemistry Fundamentals and Applications

Authors : Bijo Mathew, Parambi, Della

Medicinal Chemistry –II

Authors : Dr. Manjinder Singh, Bijo Mathew

Publisher : Doonville Publishers (P) Ltd

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR): Promising targets for Non-Small Cell Lung Cance

Authors : P. DGT, KM, N., MS, U., Bijo Mathew

Publisher : Springer Publishers

Neurochemicals in Nervous System and Exploring the Chemical Make-Up of Human Brain

Authors : Harilal, Seetha, Kumar, Rajesh, Mathew, Githa Elizabeth, Jose, Jobin, Uddin, Md. Sahab, Bijo Mathew

Publisher : Principles of Neurochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications

Preparation and evaluation of Transdermal patches of salbutamol sulphate

Authors : Dr. M.P.Narmadha , B.Jayswal, S.

Publisher : Eastern pharmacist

A study on drug prescribing pattern in Madurai city

Authors : Kutty K. V. George, M Nagarajan, Dr. M.P.Narmadha

Publisher : Indian Journal of Pharmacology

Physiochemical and bioavailability studies of a drug in the presence of other drug

Authors : Sundaramoorthy, N, N., Dr. M.P.Narmadha,

Publisher : The eastern pharmacist

Advertisements on Antihypertensive drugs in Indian Medical Journals

Authors : Dr. M.P.Narmadha, Subramanaian, T.

Publisher : Asiatic Pacific congress-Hypertension

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