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Mechanical Behavior of Silicon Carbide filled SBR/NBR Blends

Authors : K. Akshay, M. Arjun, S. Sai Govind, V. Hrithwik, S. Akhil, Rahulan N.

Publisher : Materials Today: Proceedings, Volume 42, p.1432-1436 (2021)

Effect of Silicon Nitride on Physical Properties of SBR

Authors : R. Harikrishnan, Anirudh Mohan T P, N. Rahulan, Sundararaman Gopalan

Publisher : Materials Today: Proceedings, vol. 43, pp. 3833-3836, 2021.

Effect of Speed and Feed Rate on Dry and Wet Turning of Aluminum

Authors : K. M. Vinay Sankar, S. Sooraj, S. A. Sreehari, P. Yaduraj, N. Rahulan

Publisher : AIP Conference Proceedings 2259, 020016 (2020)

Effect of Boron Carbide on Physical Properties of Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Authors : S. Adithyan, Abhishek Remesh, Sudararaman Gopalan, N.Rahulan, G. Abhijith, P. Adwaith, S. Adithyan, Sudararaman Gopalan, N.Rahulan

Publisher : Materials Today: Proceedings

Classifier based duplicate record elimination for query results from web databases

Authors : G. Kalpana, R. Prasanna Kumar, T. Ravi

Publisher : Trendz in Information Sciences Computing(TISC2010), IEEE, Chennai, India

FFT based data perturbation method in WSN routing

Authors : R. Prasanna Kumar, T. Ravi

Publisher : IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research, Coimbatore, India

Coalescing Clustering and Classification

Authors : G. B. Mohan; , R. Prasanna Kumar; , T. Ravi

Publisher : IET Chennai 3rd International on Sustainable Energy and Intelligent Systems

Synthetic Data Perturbation Techniques for Privacy Preservation in Association Rule Mining

Authors : Ravi, T, .; R. Prasanna Kumar; , Napa, , Komal Kumar; , Ragu, G

Publisher : National Conference on Computing Communication and Information Technology

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