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The corporate world has widely appreciated the fact that Amrita’s Alumni have the sense of responsibility which made the employers confident in delegating new changes to them. In order to stay connected, Amritians have started Chapters in major cities in India and abroad.


“The inspiration from Amma and the training received during the MSW program of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham shaped my personality profoundly and led me to professional success. For anyone who joins Amrita will find it as an ideal place to gain world-class knowledge and unmatched fieldwork competence. The pleasant and spiritual ambiance in the campus is full of opportunities for personal growth..”

S. Kanagaraj


“I was indeed blessed to study MSW at Amrita.The ambiance was very conductive for learning.The infrastructure (especially the library) will help the budding social workers. The support I got from my Professors made me experiment many things.The lectures rendered by visiting faculty, expanded my knowledge horizon. I am proud that I passed MSW from Amrita which infused both humaneness and professionalism in me”



“One of the best things about coming here is witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the campus and become part of the Amrita Family, which is known for its integrity and cohesion”



“Asan ne lomrocha (Greetings in Arunachal Language). From natural beauty in search of quality education I got it at Amrita..”



“Since social workers aim peace, Amrita is the best choice. From scenic beauty to unique infrastructure. Amrita prioritized my list”



“Khamma ghani so (Greetings in Marwari). Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham provided me good opportunities to grow better as professional under the guidance of effective faculty”

Jijo Mathew


“Khublei iaphi baroh (Greetings in Khosi). At Amrita, nature comes first, safe environment, quality education and opportunity to grow high..”



“Amrita is a beautiful place with amazing infrastructure and the right place to pursue MSW course.”

Nitu Bala Brahma


“I consider it a privilege and honor to attend the classes of most experienced faculty members who were best from all over India. My classmates and juniors were virtually cross-section of Indian diversity – students from South, North and North – East of India. Even we had a student from USA as part of student exchange program. Several themes such as Disaster Management. Research Methodology, Entrepreneur Training, Life Skill Promotion conducted by the department also helped me a lot enhance my knowledge. I sincere gratitude to Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.”

Ravi Mohan R.


“Namaskaram (Greetings in Telugu). If you are in search of varied opportunities to learn, you find the right place at Amrita. Culture, education, and sports you find it here. This is the best place to develop your skills to face the competitive world. ”


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