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Technology for Sustainable Livelihoods

School: School of Engineering, Coimbatore

Thematic Area: Livelyhood & Skill Development

Project Incharge:Dr. Satheeshkumar V
Project Incharge: Dr. Satheesh Kumar V.., Mr. Yuvaraj,
Project Incharge:Aishwarya.N, Aiswarya. M.S, B.Saravanan, Hari Lakshman, and M. Ramprasath
Technology for Sustainable Livelihoods

Thematic Area : Livelihood & Skill Development

Project Guide(s) : Dr. Satheesh Kumar V.. and Mr. Yuvaraj, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Amrita Partners : Aishwarya.N, Aiswarya. M.S, B.Saravanan, Hari Lakshman, and M. Ramprasath

Village : Indpur, Himachal Pradesh

Project Duration : One semester

Identified Challenge & Aim :

With an increase in globalization, consumerism has touched all parts of India, including its villages. While the benefits of globalization and development are prevalent, an adverse byproduct is the increase of non-biodegradable waste proliferating into rural communities – settlements that have always been known for their natural and pristine environments. The current project seeks to understand ground realities and challenges faced by villagers related to waste management.

The Study/Innovation :

The team first conducted a survey to understand social, cultural, economic, political, environmental, and technological factors and features in the village. They also went around the village and made a resource map. This gave the team a clear picture of the sustainable resources available in the village and helped the team understand the quantity of the resources available. This was subsequently followed by group discussions with several village women to gain a better understanding of challenges to income generation opportunities. The team also conducted semi structured interviews with village women to understand their daily pain points, access to basic resources, as well as some skills they wish to develop if given the opportunity. This was followed with brainstorming sessions and an informal assessment of possible solutions. Students subsequently designed, developed, and proposed a sustainable, customized, technology-based solution to promote income generation among women.

Addresses Sustainable Development Goals :

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