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Amrita Smart Energy Systems and Solutions

Project Incharge:Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh
Co-Project Incharge:Arya Devi R. D.


AmritaWNA has initiated the Amrita Wireless Smart Grid project envisioning a country with reliable and efficient energy system with electricity access for everyone. Smart grid consists of electrical providers, systems of power delivery and smart buildings (customers). To solve the present power crisis, using renewable energies such as solar, and biogas each building is integrated with main grid and the renewable energy generator. If the output power of the hybrid system is more, we can inject this power into the main grid. Thus the Demand Response maintained.

The smart home infrastructure features the network in which intelligent devices are connected to each load which can communicate with each other and these intelligent devices can communicate with Smart meters thus providing automatic control of various household appliances with this advanced metering infrastructure, which enables the connection of individual smart home systems to a smart grid. The project aims to address the short comings of current energy system:

  • Real Time Monitoring
    Continuous real-time monitoring of energy utilization in a power grid with the help of smart devices integrated with sensors and communication technologies.
  • Real-time Wireless Communication
    Real-time wireless communication between Smart Consumer Node (SCN), Smart Distribution Node (SDN), Smart Transformer Node (STN), and Smart Controlling Station (SCS) to develop power for smart grids.
  • Line Fault Detection
    Real-time fault detection, classifying and labeling the type of fault, and locating the position of fault generation.
  • Power Theft Detection
    Real-time detection of power theft, localizing the power theft area, and sending an automatic alert to Grid Operators.
  • Real-time Data Analysis and Visualization
    Real-time visualization of the status of each of the modules of the power grid, determining the real-time energy usage under each substation, online billing of each consumer, history of energy consumption by each of the customers, real-time data analysis for forecasting power utilization, classification of different types of consumers, and understanding the spatio-temporal power utilization scenario, among others.
  • Optimal Usage
    Continuous real-time monitoring and communications enables optimal usage and conservation of renewable energy by the real-time notification of energy utilization and cost. This is done by controlling different devices, in real-time, based on its necessity at any point of time.
  • Online Billing
    Online billing & historical energy consumption details of customers

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