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Coalescing Clustering and Classification

Authors : G. B. Mohan; , R. Prasanna Kumar; , T. Ravi

Publisher :IET Chennai 3rd International on Sustainable Energy and Intelligent Systems

Modeling spike-train processing in the cerebellum granular layer and changes in plasticity reveals single neuron effects in neural ensembles

Authors : Medini C, Nair B, D'Angelo E, Naldi G, Diwakar S,

Publisher :Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

1,3-Phenyl linked urea-based receptors for anions and the facile cyclization to imidazolidinedione

Authors : V. Haridas; , Sandhya Sadanandan; , Geeta Hundal; , Cherumattathu H. Suresh

Publisher :Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 53, Number 41, p.5523 - 5527 (2012)

Bispidine as a secondary structure nucleator in peptides

Authors : Haridas, V.; , Sandhya Sadanandan;, Sharma, Yogesh K.; , Chinthalapalli, Srinivas; , Shandilya, Ashutosh

Publisher :Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 53, Issue 6, p.623 - 626 (2012)

Long Term Investment in Gold – A Viable Option?

Publisher :National Conference on Trends in Banking & Finance organized by SNS College of Technology

FDI in Retail Sector

Publisher :National Conference at Nehru Institute of Management Studies

Building Competencies in Business Through CSR Practices

Publisher :Journal of Management Science published by Non Olympic Times

Performance Evaluation of Selected Telecom Companies in India – A Taxonomy Approach

Publisher :Journal of Contemporary Research in Management.

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