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Kinematics of Machinery

Authors : Jayakumar V.

Publisher :Lakshmi Publications,

Actiway: Active Multimedia Gateway for 802.11-based Networks in the Home

Authors : Rishi Dubey, P. Venkat Rangan

Publisher :Wireless 2003: 15th International conference on Wireless Communications

A Secure Multimedia System in Emerging Wireless Home Networks

Authors : Nut Taesambot, Richard Huang, P. Venkat Rangan

A Secure Multimedia System in Wireless Home Networks

Authors : Dr. P. Venkat Rangan

Publisher :International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing at Hanyang University

Win–Win Opportunities and Environmental Regulation: Testing of Porter Hypothesis for Indian Manufacturing Industries

Authors : Maddipati Narsimha Murty, Kumar, Surender

Publisher :Journal of environmental management

Fiscal and Institutional Approaches to Pollution Abatement: A Case Study of Water Pollution

Authors : Maddipati Narsimha Murty, Gopal Kadekodi

Publisher :Environmental Economics in Practice: Selected Case Studies from India

Percutaneous Transvenous Mitral Commissurotomy in Older Patients : Is their Procedural and Late Outcome Different From Younger Patients?

Authors : Praveen G. Pai, C. Rajiv, T. Rajesh, Vijayakumar K. U., Natarajan Prakash Kamath, Balakrishna Pai, K. K. Haridas

Publisher :IHJ

Progress and Opportunities in Atomic Layer Deposition

Authors : Dr. Sasangan Ramanathan

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