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Single arrival bulk service single departure queue

Authors : Krishnamoorthy, A.,,

Publisher :Mathematical and Computer Modeling,

Routing Problem In Transportation Of Milk In A Diary-A Case Study

Authors : Sreelekshmi R , Sathidevi C., Dr. Usha Kumari P. V.

Publisher :International journal of Scientific & Technology Research

Public Health Approaches in Prevention of Periodontal Disease

Authors : Chandrashekar Janakiram, Bruce A Dye

Publisher :Periodontology

Prevalence of Periodontal Disease in Endemic areas of Davangere District

Authors : Chandrashekar Janakiram

Publisher :6th National Conference of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry

The role of crosslinking and crystallisation on the transport characteristics of ethylene–propylene rubber membranes

Authors : Dr. Sobha V. Nair, Sreekala, M. S, Unnikrishnan, G, Johnson, T, Sabu Thomas, Groeninckx, G

Publisher :Journal of Membrane Science

Woe Betides the Management Aspirants

Authors : Prashant R. Nair

Publisher :Indian Management

Wireless Local Loop; A Promising Future Communication Trend

Authors : Prashant R. Nair, G. Santhi

Publisher :International Conference: Asia-Pacific Telecom (APT 2000)

Ultrathin Gate Oxynitrides Grown Using Fast Ramp Vertical Furnace for Sub-130 Nanometer Technology

Authors : Lucas, Aaron, Dr. Sundararaman Gopalan, Lee, Jack C, Kaushal, Sanjeev, Niino, Ray, Tada, Y

Publisher :Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters

Toxic coma: Problems of diagnosis and assessment

Authors : Pillay V. V.

Publisher :J Indian Acad Forensic Med

Thermal and optical properties of Ge5Bi18Se77 films

Authors : Dr. T. Rajagopalan, Reddy, G. B.

Publisher :Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

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