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An immunologically active arabinogalactan from Tinospora cordifolia

Authors : Chintalwar, Gajanan, Jain, Anjali, Sipahimalani, Arjun, Asoke Banerji, Sumariwalla, Percy, Ramakrishnan, Rupal, Sainis, Krishna

Publisher :Phytochemistry

Hypolipidaemic and antioxidant activity of diallyl disulphide in rats

Authors : Dhuley, Jayant N, Naik, Suresh R, Rele, Shyam, Asoke Banerji

Publisher :Pharmacy and Pharmacology Communications

Highly reliable thin hafnium oxide gate dielectric

Authors : Kang, Laegu, Lee, Byoung-Hun, Qi, Wen-Jie, Jeon, Yong-Joo, Nieh, Renee, Dr. Sundararaman Gopalan, Onishi, Katsunori, Lee, Jack C

Publisher :MRS Proceedings

A fast second-generation encoding algorithm for vector quantization

Authors : Jo, Liza, Kaimal, MR

Publisher :Signal Processing Letters, IEEE

Flash Evaporator

Authors : Dr. Sasangan Ramanathan, Desu S. B., Suchicital C.A.

A facile radical induced selective removal of N-propargyl protecting groups using low valent titanium reagents

Authors : Rele, Shyam, Talukdar, Sanjay, Asoke Banerji

Publisher :Tetrahedron letters

Export-led growth and labor markets in emerging economies: The case of Mauritius

Authors : Shyam Nath

Publisher :International Conference on Globalization, Economic Reform and Development in Asia-Pacific Region

Evaluation and characterization of polyurethane chemical mechanical planarization polishing pads

Authors : Achuthan, Krishnashree

Publisher :ProQuest Dissertations And Theses; Thesis (Ph.D.)--Clarkson University,

Effect of niobium doping on the microstructure and electrical properties of strontium titanate thin films for semiconductor memory application

Authors : Dr. Sundararaman Gopalan, Wong, Chun-Hui, Balu, Venkatasubramani, Lee, Jian-Hung, Han, Jeong H, Mohammedali, Razak, Lee, Jack C

Publisher :Applied physics letters

Effect of N2O on the RF-magnetron Sputtered SrTiO3 Films for ULSI DRAM Application

Authors : Dr. Sundararaman Gopalan, J. H. Han, V. Balu, J. H. Lee, R. Mohemmedali, C. H. Wong, J. C. Lee

Publisher :Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics

Effect of Mechanical Polishing on the Surface Modification of HDPE and PP by DC Glow Discharge and their Adhesive Joining to Steel

Authors : Sandipan Ray, Ghosh, PK, Shantanu Bhowmik

Publisher :International Symposium on Polymer Surface Modification: Relevance to Adhesion

Effect of annealing rate on the crystallization process in Ge5Bi18Se77 films

Authors : Dr. T. Rajagopalan, G.B. Reddy

Publisher :Thin Solid Films

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