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Tumour reducing activity of an isolated active ingredient from mistletoe extract and its possible mechanism of action

Authors : Kuttan, R., Kuttan, G, Dr. Damodaran Vasudevan

Publisher :Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research

Theoretical Investigation of Base Flows and Supersonic External Combustion

Authors : Dr. Srikrishnan A. R., Damodaran K.A., Sriramulu V

Publisher :Proceedings of XII National Conference on I.C.Engines and Combustion

Tail-end purification of americium from plutonium loading effluents using a mixture of octyl (phenyl)-N, N-diisobutylcarbamoylmethylphosphine oxide and tri-N-butyl phosphate

Authors : Mathur, JN, Murali, MS, Natarajan, PR, Badheka, LP, Asoke Banerji, Michael, KM, Kapoor, SC, Dhumwad, RK

Publisher :Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry

A Short Note on Perfectly Balanced Binary Search Trees

Authors : A. P. Korah, Dr. M. R. Kaimal

Publisher :Comput. J.

Prognostic significance of karyotype analysis in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Authors : Nair, M.K., Ankathil, R., Stephen, J, Vasudevan, D.M, Kusumakumary, P, Pillai, G.R

Publisher :Hematological Oncology

Papilloma virus in cervical carcinoma: detection of viral antigen in cancer cells.

Authors : Dr. Damodaran Vasudevan, Thankamani, V, Kumari, T.V

Publisher :Journal of experimental pathology

A novel intramolecular 1, 2-arene-alkene photocycloaddition

Authors : Kalena, GP, Pradhan, P, Asoke Banerji

Publisher :Tetrahedron letters

A model of local fiscal choice

Authors : NATH, SHYAM, Purohit, Brijesh C

Publisher :Public Finance= Finances publiques

Measuring the Risk of Poverty in Australia

Authors : Dr. Satya Paul, Podder, N.

Publisher :Economic Papers (Journal of Australian Economic Society)

Low-valent titanium: a new approach to deprotection of allyl and benzyl groups

Authors : Kadam, SM, Nayak, SK, Asoke Banerji

Publisher :Tetrahedron letters

Latest advances in determining the moment of death and time since death.

Authors : Pillay V. V.

Publisher :Police Professional

Insect Antifeedants from the roots of Psoralea corylifolia Linn.

Authors : Chintalwar, GJ, Ramakrishnan, V, Luthria, DL, Asoke Banerji

Publisher :Indian journal of experimental biology

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