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Styrene-acrylonitrile random copolymer in ethyl acetate

Authors : Dr. Mangalam Ramanathan, Kalpagam, V.

Publisher :Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics Edition

A statistical analysis of cancer registered at the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum

Authors : Padmanabhan, TK, Vasudevan, DM

Publisher :Indian journal of cancer

A Short Synthesis of (+)-Mevalonolactone

Authors : Asoke Banerji, Kalena, Govind P

Publisher :Synthetic Communications

Relationship of geomorphology to soil units in Cuddapah basin, Andhra Pradesh [India].

Authors : Rao, YS, Rao, AEV, Dr. Madhu Mohan N.

Publisher :Andhra Agricultural Journal

Prevalence of antibodies against herpes simplex and adenovirus in oral and cervical cancer patients–a preliminary report.

Authors : Kumari, TV, Shanmugam, J, Prabha, B, Vasudevan, DM

Publisher :The Indian journal of medical research

Occurrence of talc in highly weathered Plinthudult and Tropudalf soils of Goa [India]

Authors : Dr. Madhu Mohan N., Ghosh, SK

Publisher :Science and Culture (India)

Metropolitan growth and management in India with reference to local finance – A study of the property tax in Calcutta

Authors : Shyam Nath

Publisher :Conference on Urbanisation and National Development

Development of Inceptisols and Alfisols from granite gneiss rocks of Karnataka

Authors : Murthy, DK, Vasudeva Rao, AE, Dr. Madhu Mohan N.

Publisher :Indian journal of agricultural sciences

Detection and quantitation of immunoglobulins associated with tumours of the human oral cavity.

Authors : Pillai, S, Sasidharan, VK, BALARAM, P, Vivekanandan, S, Vasudevan, DM

Publisher :Indian journal of cancer

Behaviour of methylmethacrylate-acrylonitrile random copolymers in dilute solution

Authors : Dr. Mangalam Ramanathan, V. Kalpagam

Publisher :Polymer

Externality Abatement Technologies, Pigouvian Taxes and Property Rights

Authors : Maddipati Narsimha Murty, P.B. NAYAK

Publisher :Indian Economic Review

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