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Predictability of State Taxes

Authors : Shyam Nath

Publisher :Economic Times, September 9

Possibility of a condensed phase of excitons because of phonon induced exciton-exciton pairing

Authors : Dr. V . M. Nandakumaran, Sinha, KP

Publisher :Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter

Lymphocyte mediated Cytotoxicity, Mechanisms and Relationship to immunity

Authors : Dr. Damodaran Vasudevan, K T Brunner, F. Plata, J-C. Cerottini

Publisher :Host Defense against Cancer and its Potentiation, Edition

Ground State Energy of a New Exciton Condensate

Authors : V. M. Nandakumaran, K. P. Sinha

Publisher :Proceedings of Nuclear Physics and Solid State Physics Symposium

Convenient synthesis of multi-labelled mevalonic acids

Authors : Asoke Banerji, D. H. R. Barton, G. Mellows, K. Y. Sim

Publisher :The Symposium on Isoprenoids: Chemistry and Aplications

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