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School: School of Engineering


Self-E is an advanced wheelchair system capable of autonomous navigation at a low cost and having advanced technology. It was created to serve the people with disabilities for walking. It can be also used in the for the travelling and transport of the old age and the patients in hospital and other places. It uses the SLAM method for mapping the environment along with analgorithm for computing the shortest path.

Programmed in ROS platform, Self-E is unique by the way that it is having its own navigation stack for its working purpose. Mapping is done using the LiDAR sensor which helps both in mapping and object detection and avoidance.  The wheel chair is a leap ahead in technology on having an app for controlling the wheel chair. An app inclusive for the wheel chair control has been made which helps in the autonomous navigation; same app can also be used for navigating it manually through the control buttons for its manual operation

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