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Natural products as modulators of diabetes associated endothelial dysfunctions

School: School of Biotechnology

Project Incharge:Dr. Sudarslal S.
Co-Project Incharge:Dr. Walter Schrenk, Prof. Bipin Nair
Natural products as modulators of diabetes associated endothelial dysfunctions

Endothelium helps in maintaining vascular tone by regulating the vascular permeability. It selectively allows only certain molecules to cross the endothelial barrier. A large number of micro and macro vascular complications are associated with endothelial dysfunction in diabetes including cardiovascular disease, stroke and peripheral vascular diseases. Moreover, a series of factors that aids in vasorelaxation and vasoconstriction are being modulated under hyperglycemic conditions. Leukocytes or the white blood cell, which circulates throughout the body through blood, protects the body from foreign particles. Even though the immune system mediated inflammation is needed to eliminate/evade harmful pathogens, chronic inflammation may often lead to damage the tissues/organs. Type 2 diabetes is associated with increased glucose levels (hyperglycemia) and has shown to have roles in disrupting the normal endothelial functions including persistent inflammation in the locale and by forming superoxide/ free radicals. Recent findings have shown that a large number of phytochemicals are being screened to evaluate their potential anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic activities. Our main aim is to check the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory potential of certain phytochemicals in diabetes associated endothelial dysfunctions. The current study also focuses on applying proteomics work-flows in identifying proteins that are being modulated by certain phytochemicals, which can be used as potential biomarkers for therapeutic interventions.

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