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Indoor Information Representation and Management System (IIRMS)

Start Date: Saturday, Sep 01,2012

End Date: Thursday, Dec 31,2015

School: School of Engineering, Coimbatore

Project Incharge:Dr. Vidhya Balasubramanian
Indoor Information Representation and Management System (IIRMS)

An indoor information system is a system that gives information about the details of a building such as the different spaces within the building, exits, and their properties and also about other entities in the buildings like utilities, objects like tables, shelves etc. It not only allows the users to view the building layout but also allows end-users to query the system for information like exit ways, paths, location of rooms etc. Existing indoor databases are primarily developed for specific applications like navigation systems, 3D visualization of buildings etc. The goal of this project is to create a hierarchical extendible data model for indoor information which can represent buildings, entities within it, utilities, objects inside the building, and sensors inside the building for object tracking and localization, so that the represented data is easily stored and queried using a spatio-temporal database. An indoor information system is being developed as part of this project which can support indoor asset tracking and real-time navigation over this data model. In addition novel indoor localization algorithms are being developed for people tracking and asset tracking. These algorithms aim to use cost efficient technologies and are designed to improve the accuracy of indoor people and asset tracking applications. The project was funded by NRDMS, DST, India (NRDMS/11/1925/012) and was completed in December 2015.

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