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Design and Analysis of Dual Frequency Quarter-Wave Shorted Microstrip Patch Antenna for Satellite MIMO

School: School of Engineering, Coimbatore

A dual frequency quarter wave shorted microstrip patch antenna with two radiating elements on a single substrate for satellite applications is presented. Antenna configuration of MIMO demands compact efficient multiple antennas with considerable isolation. Quarter wave shorted microstrip antenna satisfies most of the requirements and easy to fabricate. The design includes two similar inverted L slots in achieving the dual frequency operation. By comparing with other structures in traditional antennas, a quarter wave antenna is distinctive by its concise structure. The calculation of antenna dimensions are according to the theoretical model equations of microstrip antenna. A single ground with shorting wall increases the return loss and isolation by reducing the correlation among the antennas. The selection of dielectric material plays a crucial role in improving the gain of the antenna. The Antenna consists of two coaxial feeds and can act as 2×2 MIMO with similar dual resonant frequencies. The structure can efficiently overcome the impedance mismatch due to the coaxial feed and provides a directional radiation pattern. The results analysed shows the effective antenna characteristics of return loss <-10dB and isolation <-20dB which reduces the correlation among the antennas along with an efficient gain.

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