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Dr. Ratna Kishore V.

Dr. Ratna Kishore V. currently serves as Associate Professor at department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering.

Qualification: Ph.D
Research Interest: Aeroacoustics, CFD, Combustion, DSMC, Micro Scale Combustion, OpenFOAM, Plume Dispersion, Wind Turbines


Dr. Ratna Kishore V. received his Ph. D. in Mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) in 2010. His dissertation was titled, Experimental and Computational Investigations on Open Laminar Flames of Multi-Component Gaseous Fuel Mixtures. The objective of this research is to study the laminar burning velocity using Heat Flux Method, effect of stretch diffusive-thermal instability of multi-component fuel mixtures burning in air (21% O2 & 79% N2 by volume). The work also involves flames simulations for 2D slot burners and 3D flat flame burner using FLUENT. Dr. Ratna Kishore has published 5 research articles in international journals and 5 at international conferences.

His current areas of research are: Premixed Combustion for Multi-components Mixtures (for ex. Propane + hydrogen), High Temperature Natural Convection Flows and Flow through industrial valves.


2002 B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering National Institute of Technology, Surathkal
2004 M. Tech., Thermal Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
2013 Ph. D., Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Employment Record

  • Teaching Assistant: IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India, August 2002 to May 2010
  • Assistant Professor: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore. January 2011 – November 2016
  • Associate Professor, November 2016 – Present

Reviewer in Journals/ Conferences

Dr. Ratna Kishore V involved in the reviewing of research papers/ articles as follows

  • International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
  • Energy, An international Journal
  • International Journal of Thermal Sciences
  • IMECHE, Journal of Aerospace Engineering, Part G
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
  • International Journal of Renewable Energy Research
  • Journal of Nanomaterials


UG Level PG Level
Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion Design of Thermal Systems
Advanced Fluid Mechanics Heat Transfer
Computational Fluid Dynamics Applied Mathematics
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery



Journal Article

Influence of solidity and wind shear on the performance of VAWT using a free vortex model

Authors : Dr. Laxman Vaitla, Dr. Ratna Kishore V., Valappil D.K., Somasekharan N., Krishna S.

Publisher : International Journal of Renewable Energy Research

Studies on Effusion Cooling: Impact of Geometric Parameters on Cooling Effectiveness and Coolant Consumption

Authors : Dr. Balajee Ramakrishnananda, Dr. Ratna Kishore V., Dr. Srikrishnan A. R., Vishal Venkatesh, Sriraam J., Bala Vignesh D., Suresh Batchu

Publisher : Aerospace Science and Technology

Numeri cal Study on Thrust Generation in an Airfoil Undergoing Nonsinusoidal Plunging Motion

Authors : Dr. Ratna Kishore V., Dr. Laxman Vaitla, Srikumar G., Srikrishnan V.A., Purushothaman R.K., Thiagarajan V.

Publisher : American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Influence of thickness on performance characteristics of non-sinusoidal plunging motion of symmetric airfoil

Authors : Dr. Ratna Kishore V., Dr. Laxman Vaitla, Sankarasubramanian R., Sridhar A., Prashanth M. S., Mohammad A.

Publisher : Elsevier Masson SAS

A comprehensive review of measurements and data analysis of laminar burning velocities for various fuel+air mixtures

Authors : Dr. Ratna Kishore V., Konnov, A.A.; Mohammad, A.; Kim, N.I.; Prathap, C.; Kumar, S.

Publisher : Progress in Energy and Combustion Science

Effect of solidity and airfoil on the performance of vertical axis wind turbine under fluctuating wind conditions

Authors : Unnikrishnan D., Dr. Laxman Vaitla, Dr. Ratna Kishore V., Bhargav Mantravadi, Karthik Sriram, Akram Mohammad

Publisher : International Journal of Green Energy

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