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Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath

Asst. Professor

Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath currently serves as Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacognosy at Amrita School of Pharmacy, Kochi.

Qualification: M. Pharm., Ph.D
Research Interest: Bioprospecting of Anticancer Compounds, Cell Death Mechanism, Chemoprevention, Chemotherapy, Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath joined as Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacognosy at Amrita School of Pharmacy in January 2018. She pursued her Ph.D. under Dr. Ruby John Anto, Cancer Research Program, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), an autonomous Research Institution under DBT, Trivandrum, Kerala. Her PhD findings on hepatocellular carcinoma recently received both US and Canadian Patent ( WO 2017208254 A1, “Uttroside B And Derivatives Thereof As Therapeutics For Hepatocellular Carcinoma”. The FDA has recently granted an orphan drug designation to the small molecule chemotherapeutic uttrosideB against hepatocellular carcinoma. Q BioMed, a biopharmaceutical company has already started a clinical trial for uttroside B against Hepatocellular carcinoma . She completed her M.Pharm. from KLE University’s College of Pharmacy, Karnataka (Formerly known as KLES College of Pharmacy) and B.Pharm from Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MG University, Kottayam. She is having 9 years of research experience at RGCB and has published several publications in many renowned International Journals including Scientific ReportsPlose ONERSC AdvanceFrontiers in Microbiology etc. Her research interest includes the study of signalling events associated with the fatty liver to Hepatocellular carcinoma, elucidating the role of a plant-derived pure compound in cancer chemoprevention, chemosensitization as well as in chemotherapy. Additionally, she is also interested in exploring the traditional knowledge for infectious disease and liver cancer.


Journal Article

Unravelling The Immune Modulatory Effect Of Indian Spices To Impede The Transmission Of Covid-19: A Promising Approach.

Authors : Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, Aswathy R. Devan , Bhagyalakshmi Nair , Ayana R. Kumar , Jaggaiah N. Gorantla , Aishwarya T. S. , Lekshmi R Nath

MUC glycoproteins: Potential biomarkers and molecular targets for cancer therapy.

Authors : Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, Chameli Ratan, Dixon Dalia Cici Kattiparambil, Bhagyalakshmi Nair, Lekshmi R Nath

RNA sensors as a mechanism of innate immune evasion among SARS-CoV2, HIV and Nipah viruses.

Authors : Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, Dixon Dalia Cici Kattiparambil , Chameli Rata , Bhagyalakshmi Nair , Sabitha Mangalath , Rachy Abraham , Lekshmi R Nath

The Impetus of COVID -19 in Multiple Organ Affliction Apart from Respiratory Infection: Pathogenesis, Diagnostic Measures and Current Treatment Strategy

Authors : Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, B. Baby, Devan, A. R., Nair, B

Publisher : Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets (Formerly Current Drug Targets - Infectious Disorders)

[6]-Gingerol Induces Caspase-Dependent Apoptosis and Prevents PMA-Induced Proliferation in Colon Cancer Cells by Inhibiting MAPK/AP-1 Signaling

Authors : Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, R. E. K, Bava, S. V., Narayanan, S. Shyam, Thulasidasan, A. Kumar, V, S. E., and Anto, R. John

Publisher : PLOS ONE

DW-F5: A Novel Formulation Against Malignant Melanoma from Wrightia Tinctoria

Authors : Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, J. Antony, Saikia, M., .V, V., Lekshmi R Nath, Katiki, M. Rao, Murty, M. S. R., Paul, A., A, S., Chandran, H., Joseph, S. Margaret, S, N. Kumar., Panakkal, E. Jayex, I.V, S., I.V, S., Ran, S., S, S., Rajan, E., and Anto, R. John

Publisher : Scientific Reports

Evaluation of Uttroside B, a Saponin from Solanum Nigrum Linn, as a Promising Chemotherapeutic Agent Against Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Authors : Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, Gorantla, J. N., Thulasidasan, A. T., Vijayakurup, V., Shah, S., Anwer, S., Joseph, S. M., Antony, J., Veena, K. Suresh, Sundaram, S., Marelli, U. K., Lankalapalli, R. S., and Anto, R. John

Publisher : Sci. Rep. 2016

Kaempferide, the Most Active Among the Four Flavonoids Isolated and Characterized from Chromolaena Odorata, Induces Apoptosis in Cervical Cancer Cells While Being Pharmacologically Safe

Authors : Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, Gorantla, J. N., Joseph, S. Margaret, Antony, J., Thankachan, S., Menon, D. B., S. Sankar, Lankalapalli, R. S., and Anto, R. John

Publisher : RSC Advances

Kaempferol-Mediated Sensitization Enhances Chemotherapeutic Efficacy of Sorafenib Against Hepatocellular Carcinoma: An in Silico and in Vitro Approach

Authors : Dr. Sabitha M., Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, Nair, Bhagyalakshmi; Anto, Ruby John; Lekshmi R Nath

Publisher : Adv Pharm Bull, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Faculty Research Interest
  • Traditional medicine and infectious disease
  • Phytomedicine and Cancer biology
  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma- Chemoprevention and  Chemotherapy
  • Biomarkers in Liver disorders
Research Grant

Ongoing Project

  • Amrita Vishwa Vidya Peetham Seed Grant 2021-2022
    Principal Investigator
    Liposomal drug delivery of phytochemical against Hepatocellular carcinoma
    Ph.D. students-  3
  • KSCSTE Project
    Principal Investigator
    Duration : January, 2020 – January 2021

    Comparative evaluation of Kaempferol and its semisynthetic derivative as mTORC1 inhibitor against hepatocellular carcinoma: An in-vitro approach.
  • Amrita Vishwa Vidya Peetham Seed Grant 2018-19
    Principal Investigator
    Duration : April 2018 – May 2019

    Chemo sensitizing property of phytochemicals in improving the efficacy of marketed drugs for liver cancer.
Achievements and Awards
  • Recipient of Bharat Vikas Award 2018 from Institute of Self Reliance (ISR), the Press Club of Odisha, Bhubaneswar-1 on December 1, 2018, for the outstanding performance in the field of Cancer Chemoprevention.
  • WCP-NP Best Poster Presentation 2019 at 5th IUPHAR World Conference on the Pharmacology of Natural products & 51st Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological society held at ICMR, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India on 5-7 December 2019.
  • Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in February 2011
  • OMICS International Best Poster Award at the 8th Eurobiotechnology congress, Frankfurt Main, Germany, August 2015
  • Best paper Award under Biotechnology category for oral presentation at 28th Kerala Science Congres, University of Calicut Campus, Thenhipalam, Malappuram District, India, January 2016
  • Best Oral Presentation award in the “International Conference on Neutraceuticals in Chronic Disease-2016 held at Kochi, Kerala, India, September 2016
  • Dr M.R. Das Career Award in recognition of the Professional achievement during PhD tenure in RGCB, December 2016
  • Kerala State Council For Science, Technology And Environment (KSCTEC) Best Paper Award for Project “Mechanistic evaluation of the anti-tumour effect of SN2, the active principle of Solanum nigrum Linn in hepatocellular carcinoma, 2016 July-December 2017.
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