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Dr. Hariprasad M. P.

Asst. Professor

Dr. Hariprasad .M. P serves as Assistant Professor (Sl. Gr.) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amritapuri Campus.

Qualification: B-Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D


Dr. Hariprasad M. P. currently serves as Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri. Dr. Hariprasad received his Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. His primary area of doctoral research was in the field of optical methods in experimental stress analysis, with an emphasis on contact mechanics, digital photoelasticity (polarised light-based non-destructive stress measurement) and image correlation techniques. He was awarded the Institute Pre-Doctoral Fellowship by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras for the accomplishments in doctoral research.

In 2015, Dr. Hariprasad was selected from a national wide competitive process to represent in a team of Indian researchers to participate in Summer Institute in Optical Sensing Technologies at the University of Toronto, Canada. His areas of research include Optical Methods in Experimental Stress Analysis, Mechanics of Auxetic Structures and Contact Mechanics.


Conference Paper

Nonlinear Visco-Elastic Stress Analysis of a Circular Perforated Solid Propellant Grain

Authors : Dr. Ajith Ramesh, Dr. Hariprasad M. P., K. Renganathan

Publisher : International conference on Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Evolution of Suitable Photoelastic Model in Implant Dentistry

Authors : Dr. Hariprasad M. P., Bhuvaneswari Shanmugam; Ramesh K.; Paul Simon; Jayashree Mohan

Revisit on the Analytic Formulations of Principal Stress Orientation in Fracture Mechanics

Authors : Dr. Hariprasad M. P., Arjun Ajit Kottara; Govind Padmanabhan; Maneesh Kumar M.; Rohit K.

Effect of residual birefringence in contact stress parameter evaluation using digital photoelasticity

Authors : Dr. Hariprasad M. P., Ramesh K.

Publisher : International conference of Processes in Combined Digital Optical and Imaging Methods applied to Mechanical Engineering

Study of Auxetic beams under bending: A Finite Element Approach

Authors : Dr. Hariprasad M. P., Shammo Dutta, Hrishikesh G. Menon, Aravind Krishnan, and Balakrishnan Shankar

Journal Article

Workshops/Conferences Attended
  1. Society of Experimental Mechanics XIII International Congress and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics. June 6-9 2016. Hilton Orlando Florida. USA
  2. Summer Institute in Optical Sensing Technologies at University of Toronto, Canada, June 14-19, 2015
  3. International Conference on Experimental Mechanics ICEM2014, SPIE, Singapore 15-17 Nov. 2014
  4. Workshop on ‘CT scanning, MIMICS and 3D Printing’ organised by Ragas Dental College and General Hospital, 9-10 Dec 2014, Chennai, India.
  5. International symposium on advanced science and technology in experimental mechanics, Organized by Japanese Society of Experimental Mechanics. New Delhi, India, 1 – 6 November 2014
  6. International Conference on Computer Aided Engineering (CAE-2013), IIT Madras
  7. Indian Conference on Applied Mechanics organised by the Dept. of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras, 4 – 6 July 2013.
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