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Neurological disorders are increasingly recognized as major causes of death and disability worldwide. Globally, in 2016, neurological disorders were the leading cause of disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) and second leading cause of deaths. Focusing on a need to understand neurological conditions, brain function and disorders, techniques, methods and devices to help patients, the Amrita Mind Brain Center will be dedicated towards exploration into the human mind and its links to the brain through multiple disciplines in science and technology.

The Amrita Mind Brain Center has its research focus on Neuroscience, Cognition, Computations and Neuroengineering while pursuing immediate societal impact. With focus on brain and mind related health and technologies, the center will orchestrate the development and application new technologies to investigate brain function, dysfunction, and therapy.

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Our Vision

Investigate brain function, dysfunction, and therapy with an emphasis on cognition, computations and neural engineering.

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Our Mission

To develop novel engineering solutions for neurological and psychiatric conditions and disorders by harnessing technologies and methods for exploring brain function.

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Our Focus

Inspire. Explore. Discover.
The center will inspire younger minds to study and solve brain and behavior related problems while connecting scientists, engineers, physicians, and the community to tackle the challenges of brain related wellness and disorders. The center will lead research to healthcare for immediate impact.

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Junior Research Fellow and project assistant positions

The call for positions have received a huge number of applications. We have made our selections. If you are interested, do keep a watch out on this lab page for more positions as they come up. Do email or get in touch when you see more positions open.

Ph. D. positions

Currently i do not take any more phd students to work on theoretical neuroscience. Please check back later.  However, undergraduate and master’s program students can contact the lab for project positions. Please feel free to get in touch and to remain posted on updates.

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