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Cooperative MIMO in Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Agriculture

School: School of Engineering, Coimbatore

In this proposed work, Cooperative Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks is analysed. Cooperative Communication helps in reliable information transfer and minimum energy. The node lifespan is dependent on energy efficiency and error performance. In this project, a 100 × 100 Sq m farm area is considered for finding out crop disease. The required information is transferred in three ways Direct, Singlehop and Multihop depending on Channel State Information and farm area. Based on Bit error rates and energy efficiency it is found that Multihop Communication is more energy efficient than Direct and Singlehop Communication.The use of Distributed Space time Block code to compare the Virtual MIMO configurations of 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4. On the basis of SNR vs BER, diversity order and power efficiency. It is found out that increase in diversity reduces the error and increase the performance.

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