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Improving patient care at a multi-speciality hospital using Lean Six Sigma (ABDC-A)

Authors : Persis Jinil, Anjali S., Sunder M. Vijaya, Rejikumar G., Sreedharan V. Raja, Saikouk Tarik

Publisher :Taylor and Francis

Effect of Speed and Feed Rate on Dry and Wet Turning of Aluminum

Authors : K. M. Vinay Sankar, S. Sooraj, S. A. Sreehari, P. Yaduraj, N. Rahulan

Publisher :AIP Conference Proceedings 2259, 020016 (2020)

Tensile and Tear Properties of Boron Carbide Filled SBR/NBR Blends

Authors : V. R. Anandu, R. Sivaprasad, D. Vishnu Dhidev, S. Nair Kailas, N. Rahulan

Publisher :AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 2281, p. 020013, 2020

Effect of Boron Carbide on Physical Properties of Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Authors : S. Adithyan, Abhishek Remesh, Sudararaman Gopalan, N.Rahulan, G. Abhijith, P. Adwaith, S. Adithyan, Sudararaman Gopalan, N.Rahulan

Publisher :Materials Today: Proceedings

Extractive summarization approach for news articles based on selective features

Authors : R. P. Chiney, R. P. Chiney, R. Prasanna Kumar, R. Prasanna Kumar

Publisher :International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology

Land Cover Mapping for LISS IV Multispectral Satellite Images Using Self Attention Convolutional Neural Network

Authors : T.Vignesh, R. Prasanna Kumar

Publisher :International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology

Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform based Video Compression using Huffman and Run Length Encoding for Multimedia Applications

Authors : P. Anandan; , A. Manikandan;, R. S. Sabeenian; , D. Bharathidhasan

Publisher :International Journal

Experimental Analysis on Friction Stir Welding using Flat-Faced Pins in AA2024-T3 Plate

Authors : Stephen Leon J, Bharathiraja G, Jayakumar V.

Publisher :FME Transactions

Analytical and experimental investigations of optimum thermomechanical conditions to use tools with non-circular pin in friction stir welding

Authors : Stephen Leon J, Bharathiraja G, Jayakumar V

Publisher :International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Effect of Tool Shoulder and Pin Cone Angles in Friction Stir Welding using Non-circular Tool Pin

Authors : Stephen Leon J, Jayakumar V.

Publisher :Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics

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