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The five-year integrated program, Integrated B.Sc. – M.Sc. (Physics), with an exit option with B.Sc. Degree after 6th semester is offered at the School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kochi campus.



The five-year integrated program, Integrated B.Sc. – M.Sc. (Physics), with an exit option with B.Sc. Degree after 6th semester is offered at the School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kochi campus.


Semester I
Communicative English
Language Paper 1
Chemistry I
Problem Solving and Computer Programming
Trigonometry and Differential Equations
Mechanics and Properties of Matter
Chemistry Lab I
Problem Solving and Computer Programming Lab
Cultural Education I
Semester II
Professional Communication
Language Paper II
Chemistry II
Advanced Computer Programming Introduction to Python
Matrices and Vector Calculus
Basics of Electricity and Magnetism
Chemistry Lab II – Instrumental
Advanced Computer Programming Lab / Python Lab
Physics Lab I – Mechanics and Properties of Matter
Cultural Education II
Semester III
Basic Experimental Techniques in Physics
Optics and Wave Motion Elective A
Analog Electronics
Introduction to Mathematical Physics
Physics Lab II – Electricity and Magnetism
Life Skills I
Amrita Value Programme I
Semester IV
Environmental Science and Sustainability
Digital Electronics Elective B
Introduction to computational Physics
Physics Lab III – Optics
Modern Physics
Life Skills II
Amrita Value Programme II
Semester V
Thermal Physics
Solid State Physics
Free/Open Elective I/Live-in-Lab
Elective C
Physics Lab IV – Modern Physics
Life Skills III
Semester VI
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Intermediate Mechanics
Introduction to Modern Optics(course name to be reassigned)
Elective D
Physics Lab V – Modern Electronics
Project (for Exit-option students)
Semester VII
Classical Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics I
Mathematical Physics I
Computational Physics
Advanced Physics Lab
Cultural Education
Simulation Lab
Mini Project
Semester VIII
Quantum Mechanics II
Mathematical Physics II
Statistical Mechanics
Advanced Electrodynamics
Experimental Techniques
Advanced Electronics Lab
Semester IX
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Nuclear and Particle Physics
Elective I
Elective II
Spectroscopy Lab
Semester X
Viva voce
Electives I, II, III, IV (Any 4)
Antennas and RF Communications Nuclear Physics
Astrophysics Optoelectronic Devices
Biophotonics Physics of Cold Atoms and Ions
Biophysics Quantum Electrodynamics
Earth’s Atmosphere Quantum Optics
Earth’s Structure and Evolution Thin Film Technology
Fibre-optic Sensors and Applications Optics
Fibre Optics and Technology Fundamentals of Plasma Physics
Nanophotonics Space Physics
Nonlinear Dynamics
Electives A, B, C (Any 3)
Astronomy Nonlinear Optics
Computational Methods for Physicists Optical Engineering
Concepts of Nanophysics and Nanotechnology Physics of Semiconductor Devices
Introduction to Photonics Principles of Lasers and Laser Applications
Medical Physics
* Two Open Elective courses are to be taken by each student, one each in the 4th and the 5th semesters, from the list of Open Electives offered by the School.
# Students undertaking and registering for a Live-in-Lab project, can be exempted from registering for an Open Elective course in the fifth semester.
Electives (Common to all UG, Integrated Programs)
Advertising Green Marketing Literary Criticism and Theory Science, Society and Culture
Basic Statistics Healthcare and Technology Macro Economics Statistical Analysis
Creative Writing for Beginners History of English Literature Managing Failure Teamwork and Collaboration
Desktop Support and Services Indian Writing in English Media Management The Message of Bhagwad Gita
Development Journalism Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare Micro Economics Understanding Travel and Tourism
Emotional Intelligence Introduction to Ancient Indian Yogic and Vedic Wisdom Micro Finance, Small Group Management and Cooperatives Videography
Essence of Spiritual Literature Introduction to Computer Hardware New Literatures Vistas of English Literature
Film Theory Introduction to Event Management Non-Profit Organisation Web-Designing Techniques
Fundamentals of Network Administration Introduction to Media Personal Effectiveness Organic Farming
Gender Studies Introduction to Right to Information Act Perspectives in Astrophysics and Cosmology Basic Legal Awareness on Protection of Women & Rights
Glimpses of Indian Economy and Polity Introduction to Translation Principles of Marketing
Graphics and Web-designing Tools Linguistic Abilities Principles of Public Relations
Amrita Values Program (Common to all UG, Integrated Programs) Languages (Common to all UG, Integrated Programs)
Paper I and Paper II
Message from Amma’s Life for the Modern World Yoga and Meditation Hindi
Lessons from the Ramayana Kerala Mural Art and Painting Kannada
Lessons from the Mahabharata Course on Organic Farming and Sustainability Malayalam
Lessons from the Upanishads Benefits of Indian Medicinal Systems Sanskrit
Message of the Bhagavad Gita Temple Mural Arts in Kerala  
Life and Message of Swami Vivekananda Organic Farming in Practice
Life and Teachings of Spiritual Masters India Ayurveda for Lifestyle Modification
Insights into Indian Arts and Literature Life Style and Therapy using Yoga

Electives listed above are only indicative. Actual offering will depend on the number of students registering for the courses and availability of faculty. School Administration reserves the right to modify the subjects / curriculum / detailed syllabus as per the topical needs or changes in trends of the academic stream or industry requirements. * One of the electives can be a Live-in-Labs project done over a period of two semesters.




10+2 any stream with 50% marks


5 Years – 10 Semesters

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